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Subject: AW: [ubl] Re: new work item for UBL

You are right: 'SAP's position has nothing to do with CCTS'
There were two issues, where I should have made it clearer, what is what.
One is that it is a difficult thing to implement and maintain severals, i.e.
not only one, versions of UBL XSD rules, especially as long as they are not
finally approved. Currently the edifix tool has two buttons for the
different NDR versions.

The other is that, the global/local issue seems to be still an interesting
issue. This issue was certainly the most important, and therefore sufficient
for the SAP voting, but not necessarily the only one. I have seen some SAP
CCTS based schemas, which are examples of the future generation of internal
XML, which could replace IDOCS some day.

Anyway, my hope is, that both the big ERP vendors and the SME oriented
solutions could use the same methodology and that the UBL data could become
the basis by extending them with the underlying cc level.
Also I've realized that Microsoft and IBM are looking from their point of
view for the benefits of 'global' solutions, too. At least, this is what I
understand from the discussions about the talks about the convergence of
OAGI to become CCTS compliant.
The attempt to merge UBL with CEFACT will have to offer a solution for both
(global/local; cc level).

Michael Dill

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Gesendet: Montag, 23. Mai 2005 02:04
An: ubl@lists.oasis-open.org
Betreff: [ubl] Re: new work item for UBL


| Gunther Stuhec gave up to write scripts for UBL schema generation
| over issues like these and with him went the whole SAP ERP and SAP
| markets, with the result that, UBL Schemas will probably never
| became the native XML standard of SAP.

SAP stopped participating in UBL after the TC voted to take the
local/global issue in a direction that did not fit SAP's product
architecture, as made clear in their "no" vote on UBL 1.0 NDR:


As far as I know, SAP's position has nothing to do with CCTS, or
if it does, they've never said so.


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