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Subject: RE: [ubl] Discussion of substitution groups

Title: Re: [ubl] Discussion of substitution groups

>In transactional messaging, there can be the risk of legal consequences if 
you don't know exactly which version of a message Schema applies to an 
message instance, since each Schema version is like a different version of 
a contract, and you introduce a business risk of you decide do something 
under the terms of a contract, without checking which version of the 
contract actually applies.

>The upshot is that each message instance really should identify which 
Schema, and which version of that Schema, applies to it.  The most popular 
way to do this is to have a unique namespace for each version of each 
Schema.  The way I like to do it, sometimes in addition to the namespace 
technique, is to provide top-level attributes which have a fixed value 
that is required to appear, and which identify the Schema and version.  
Sometimes people try to use the 'schemaLocation' to provide Schema version 
information, but this is a fragile technique that I don't recommend in 

Remember - ATG is just not using minor versioning of the namespaces.  They continue to use minor versioning of the schema.  The namespaces is only a conceptual holder used to differentiate conflicting names.

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