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Subject: SV: [ubl] Re: Code list schema

>> for political reasons I think it best not to have any validation
>> done via schematron that could theoretically be done using XSD.

>Schematron is an international standard (ISO/IEC 19757 - DSDL
>Document Schema Definition Language - Part 3: Rule-based
>validation - Schematron) and therefore just as "official" as
>anything that W3C has published.  It appears to be reasonably well
>supported in standard tools at this point, too.

I of course agree with this, as it happens I love using Schematron but (and
I'm probably just thinking in this context as my experience working in the
government where the major thing to guard against seems to be people
complaining) it's been my experience that managerial types understand XSD as
the 'standard' and the other standards just make them cross cause suddenly
we're throwing something new in the mix. If we throw something new in the
mix that does something the other stuff can't then we minimize the
complaints (although I still had some complaints at a recent talk I gave
where people just wanted the code in 'java or .net' and not 'something new
we have to support' - obviously these arguments lack soundness but I believe
that it is the unsound arguments that often are the hardest to defeat as
they arise not from some logical principles but rather some deep personality
traits or other hidden factors we cannot discern). That said as I am a
supporter of bringing Schematron in the validation chain, especially in
customization etc. I'll agree that we should do it, but maybe we should put
something in the NDR then about the 'officialness' of things. 

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