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Subject: Re: Code list schema


| >Schematron is an international standard (ISO/IEC 19757 - DSDL
| >Document Schema Definition Language - Part 3: Rule-based
| >validation - Schematron) and therefore just as "official" as
| >anything that W3C has published.  It appears to be reasonably well
| >supported in standard tools at this point, too.
| I of course agree with this, as it happens I love using Schematron
| but (and I'm probably just thinking in this context as my
| experience working in the government where the major thing to
| guard against seems to be people complaining) it's been my
| experience that managerial types understand XSD as the 'standard'
| and the other standards just make them cross cause suddenly we're
| throwing something new in the mix.

Understood, but unless groups like ours take the lead here,
nothing happens.

Not many people remember this (and probably not many want to
remember this), but Unicode was a marginal technology until we
wrote it into the XML specification; it was the requirement that
XML processors had to support Unicode that built support for it
into web tools.  You have to start somewhere.

| obviously these arguments lack soundness but I believe that it is
| the unsound arguments that often are the hardest to defeat as they
| arise not from some logical principles but rather some deep
| personality traits or other hidden factors we cannot discern

Very true.

| That said as I am a supporter of bringing Schematron in the
| validation chain, especially in customization etc. I'll agree that
| we should do it, but maybe we should put something in the NDR then
| about the 'officialness' of things.

Yes, but I think this is going to come down simply to whether we
can make the user experience as easy as it was when we were just
doing XSD validation.  If it is, then I don't think we have a
problem.  It it is not, then I think we will have to reconsider
the whole plan.


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