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Subject: Re: [ubl] Code list schema

Title: Re: [ubl] Code list schema


One of our guiding principles was that e would make no assumptions abot tools. How doess first pass/second pass qlign with that?
Mark R. Crawford
Senior Research Fellow - LMI XML Lead
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Vice Chair - OASIS UBL TC
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Chair - UN/CEFACT XML Syntax Working Group
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-----Original Message-----
From: Anthony B. Coates <abcoates@londonmarketsystems.com>
To: ubl@lists.oasis-open.org <ubl@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Wed Aug 17 07:07:42 2005
Subject: Re: [ubl] Code list schema

Dear Mark,

On Wed, 17 Aug 2005 11:28:47 +0100, CRAWFORD, Mark <MCRAWFORD@lmi.org> 

> It strikes me that this path we are on for code lists is creating
> dependencies that we should be avoiding.  I think we should step back
> and revisit our requirements as it appears to me we are creating a
> solution in search of a problem.  The original issue was how do we avoid
> enumerations in our schema.  More specifically, how do we avoid
> enumerations of code and identifier lists that someone else has
> ownership of.  Our original solution was simple (and simplistic in
> keeping with our original guiding principles)  - avoid enumerations,
> generate a code list schema for those code lists we created, try and get
> code list owners to generate a similar schema, and if necessary generate
> code list schema for external code lists if the code list owner wouldn't
> do it.  We are now bogged down into first/second pass validations,
> schematron vs XSD, wildcards, substitution groups, and a plethora of
> other rat holes that are taking us very far a field from the original
> issue.  From my perspective, if we can't provide a simple code list
> schema template for others to use, then we probably should just avoid
> the whole code list issue and leave it up to implementers how they wish
> to deal with it.

Well, this is just the first/second pass validation approach, without UBL 
providing any help for the second pass.  All we have been talking about is 
providing some help for that second pass.  It's not such a big change from 
what you describe.

As for representing code list contents in XML, I'm sure it wasn't among 
the things you discussed originally, because it's an idea I brought to UBL 
late in the 1.0 cycle.  Is that such an issue?

> I am also concerned that we will create a very complex solution for UBL
> 2.0 only to see it abandoned for UBL 3.0 by CEFACT.

We'll see.  I am joining CCTS at Gunther's request so we can get code 
lists on the CEFACT agenda.

Cheers, Tony.
Anthony B. Coates
London Market Systems Limited
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