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Subject: Re: [ubl] Code list schema


| One of our guiding principles was that e would make no assumptions
| abot tools. How doess first pass/second pass qlign with that?

Well of course we do make assumptions about tools; not all tools
purporting to support XSD do it in the same way, as we have
discovered on several occasions.  But I take your point.

If someone could explain to me in words of one syllable how to set
up a batch process to run a Schematron validation (bringing each
document instance manually into an XML editor won't cut it), I'd
feel a lot more confident about this -- and I'd also have in hand
the prototype of what we're going to tell the naive user.  It
would only take one readily available and trustworthy open-source
implementation to make this work, but it has to scale up to handle
large numbers of instances.


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