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Subject: Re: SV: [ubl] Use of LineStatusCode


If you were to put this to a vote in PSC I'd vote against changing it - with the reasons:
1. it would take too long (not enough time available) to go back over this now
2. this is a core part of the UBL procurement documents
3. just saying it looks inconsistent isn't, to my view, enough
 - generally inconsistencies appear to be so at first glance but looking into it further with the original reasoning often reveals good reasons why something is so - that's my experience in UBL anyway (after all there have been things to consider such as alignment with EDI standards which do have some peculiarities - but sometimes for good reason and usually with an investment of implemenation to consider).
4 - the rule is to avoid semantic changes where possible and that would especially apply to deletions

All the best


>>> Mark Leitch <ml@tritorr.com> 26/10/05 16:21:21 >>>
I just want to see consistency in approach.  Either all lines should have a
Line Status Code or none should.


Mark Leitch
Director - Tritorr Ltd
Tel.:   +44 1932 821112
Cell.:  +44 7881 822999
Mail:   ml@tritorr.com 
Site:   www.tritorr.com 

> From: Stephen Green <stephen_green@bristol-city.gov.uk>
> Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 16:06:03 +0100
> To: <mhb@itst.dk>, <ubl@lists.oasis-open.org>
> Subject: Re: SV: [ubl] Use of LineStatusCode
> What if I can remember there was lots of discussion to add Line Status Code
> but can't remember all of it and don't have time to go back to all the emails,
> etc concerning it?
> What if we did this to every BIE we didn't personally understand?
>>>> Mikkel Hippe Brun <mhb@itst.dk> 26/10/05 14:58:29 >>>
> ...
> In my opinion LineStatusCode should be removed if someone cannot come up
> with a good explanation and business case for its use.
> - Regards Mikkel
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