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Subject: Co-sponsoring the Upper Ontology Summit

Hello UBL TC,

Peter Yim sends news of the Upper Ontology Summit to be held at
NIST 15 March 2006:


Peter also requests permission to list the OASIS UBL TC as a
"co-sponsor" of the summit.  (Long-time members will recall that
the Ontolog Forum, which led the effort to organize the Summit,
began as a spin-off of the UBL effort.)  In our case,
"co-sponsorship" would simply mean that we endorse the summit.

It seems to me that this effort is worth endorsing.  If anyone has
an objection (either to endorsing the effort in particular, or to
the concept of endorsement), please register that objection to the
list no later than COB Friday 10 March 2006.


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