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Subject: Fwd: [ubl] May we please put a temporary hold on UBL 1.0 SBS and UBP 2.0


> Am I correct in concluding from the above that there is now just
> one deliverable named UBP 2 instead of two deliverables named UBP
> 2 Procurement and UBP 2 Transport?
> Jon

Hi. Yes, this is really a proposal I would make since we then need only
one covering document and time is a little short. I will shortly, I hope, be
able to post a trial package which combines all of the processes, both
Transport and Procurement (with Catalogue).

Just to underline, though, that these UBP process definitions are rather
orthogonal to the UBL 2 index's process diagrams, serving slightly
different functions.

All the best


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