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Subject: Definitions in WD8 that contain non-ASCII characters

I note in the following definitions that 
non-ASCII characters are used for punctuation.  I 
suggest that we change these to dumb ASCII 
punctuation characters in order to help with 
anyone wishing to process the content without 
tripping over character set and encoding problems.

Witness (at least on my screen) how the UTF-8 
encoding of the special punctuation characters 
messes up the definition when in my email message 
(if you cannot see this mess then your email 
system is interpreting the UTF-8 characters properly).

I'm not suggesting pure ASCII definitions with 
any bias to the English language, rather, it is 
for cases such as using the definitions in email 
where the email system is not UTF-8 aware, that 
problems are caused as noted below.  Only five definitions need to be changed.

I hope this helps.

. . . . . . . . . Ken

p.s. 1370 descriptions do not end with "." and 597 descriptions do end with "."

ApplicationResponse [2]: ApplicationResponse (Application Response):
  a document to indicate the application’s 
response to a transaction. This may be a business 
reposnse and/or a technical response, sent 
automatically by an application or initiated by a user.

AttachedDocument [2]: AttachedDocument (Attached Document):
  A ’wrapper’ UBL document that can contain 
anything. This allows a referenced document to be 
included in the package of documents being exchanged.

CommonLibrary [41]: SequenceNumeric (Allowance Charge):
  Identifies the numerical order sequence in 
which Allowance Charges are calculated when 
multiple Allowance Charges apply. If all 
Allowance Charges apply to the same Base Amount, 
SequenceNumeric will be ‘1’ for all Allowance Charges

CommonLibrary [725]: FamilyName (Person):
  A Person’s surname or family name

CommonLibrary [953]: CalculationSequenceNumeric (Tax Sub Total):
  Identifies the numerical order sequence in 
which taxes are applied when multiple taxes are 
attracted. If all taxes apply to the same Taxable 
Amount, CalculationSequenceNumeric will be ‘1’ for all taxes

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