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Subject: NOTICE: Development of extension syntax


Please note the following passage from the minutes of today's UBL
TC call:

| We discussed GKH's proposed syntax:
|    http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl/200607/msg00053.html
| AGREED that we will attempt to meet the schedule proposed in
| this week's Pacific TC call as follows, the objective being
| to submit PRD2 for approval as a Committee Draft next week:
|  - GEFEG creates new schemas incorporating the NDR decisions
|    noted above but not the extension element
|  - GKH and BR discuss the proposed extension syntax (see URL
|    above) via email with the objective of creating an
|    appropriate schema fragment by Friday
|  - The TC is notified that the syntax under discussion will
|    be included in the upcoming PRD2
|  - The extension schema fragment is incorporated manually
|    into the PRD2 schema set delivered by GEFEG
|  - Release notes and announcements concerning PRD2 include a
|    disclaimer to the effect that the schemas in their
|    modified form are not supported by GEFEG

This means that whatever Ken and Bryan come up with over the next
two days is what's going in the PRD2 package.  So if you care
about the syntax of the extension mechanism, make sure to monitor
their conversation on the UBL TC mail list (starting with Ken's
message at the URL quoted above) and register any opinions in time
for your input to be incorporated before the end of the week.  If
you disagree with what comes out of that work, you can vote no on
the CD ballot we're trying to put together for next week -- but if
you do, we'll all wonder why you didn't raise your objection in
time for it to be dealt with before we assembled the PRD2 package.


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