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Subject: Re: [ubl] Discussion XSD implementation of extensions

At 2006-07-13 16:20 -0400, I wrote:
>I still have not seen any WD8 schemas, so I've 
>made changes to my environment of last night.

With thanks to Sylvia, I've downloaded her latest files:


I note from her post and the changes.txt file 
that there are two problems that need to be fixed 
before we can vote on these schemas:

   BBIE "Transport Means. Direction Code. Code": DT conflict. Created
   element "DirectionCode_2".
   BBIE "Despatch Advice. Document Status Code. Code": DT conflict.
   Created element "DocumentStatusCode_2".

I don't know how to interpret the above errors as 
to what changes are needed to the schemas to 
"fix" the above ... could someone please advise?

With thanks to Steven, I've downloaded the sample SBS files:


I've manually massaged the Invoice file into a 
new test of extensions with the revised instances.

I've written stylesheets to massage Sylvia's 
latest files into schemas that support "-2.0.xsd" 
schema locations and the proposed UBL extensions, 
and I've uploaded the new suite of all of the schema files to here:


Jon, modulo the two repairs above that need to be 
made, I can run any revised set of schemas 
through my stylesheets to do the following:

  - changed schemaLocations of "-2.xsd" to be "-2.0.xsd"

  - removed " [Note: this is not available for public distribution]" from
    the listURI for ContainerSizeTypeCode in UBL-QualifiedDatatypes-2.0.xsd

  - added reference to UBLExtensions to each document model

  - added comment reflecting this is a modification from the files

  - replaced all attributes containing "UUIDID" with "UUID"

I believe we can go to release with these without 
any more massaging, and I can rerun the massage 
if needed when the two repairs above are addressed.

But, it would help if TC members tested the files 
I've just uploaded to make sure I haven't messed 
up in the many changes I've made.

The test files are in:

test\invoice-samp.xml   - no extensions and no errors
test\invoice-samp-bad1.xml   - no extensions and an error
test\invoice-ext.xml   - extensions and no errors
test\invoice-ext-bad1.xml  - extensions and error (swapped elements)
test\invoice-ext-bad2.xml  - extensions and error (two top elements in ns)
test\invoice-ext-bad3.xml  - extensions and error (empty container)
test\test.bat - invocation
test\test.txt - what I get when running Xerces

The invocation and validation support files are in:


The common modules have not changed since January on which I based these tests:


As before I've modularized the extension schema 
so that parties defining their own extension need 
only modify the extension content data type 
module and not the common extension module that is used by all extensions:


Because of my time spent on this I still haven't 
completed the code list stuff ... I'll work on that tomorrow.

I look forward to any comments.


. . . . . . . . Ken

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