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Subject: RE: [ubl] Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 12 July 2006

>      AGREED that ELD12 changes to: The 'UBL Extension' element
>      MUST be declared as the first child of the document element
>      with xsd:minOccurs="0".

Where's the 'UBLVersion' element? [VER15]

-----Original Message-----
From: jon.bosak@sun.com [mailto:jon.bosak@sun.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, 12 July 2006 1625
To: ubl@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ubl] Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 12 July 2006

15:00 - 17:00 UTC WEDNESDAY 12 JULY 2006


   Jon Bosak (chair)
   Mavis Cournane
   Betty Harvey
   G. Ken Holman
   Alan Lemming
   Zarella Rendon
   Bryan Rasmussen
   Andy Schoka
   Paul Thorpe
   Sylvia Webb


   Additions to the calendar:


   Review of Pacific call

      No comments on anything other than the items discussed

   Schedule review
      See Pacific TC minutes.

      JB: We're about a month behind schedule.  Following the plan
      arrived at in the Pacific call will depend on resolving the
      issues in front of us today.


      Register now!

      BH and ZR will be at Extreme but not the UBL TC meeting.


   Issue: ".0" in file names

      Discussion: Our previous omission of the minor version
      number from file names was based on problems that might be
      encountered by users hardwiring schemas into instances using
      xsi:schemaLocation.  But binding an instance to a specific
      system-dependent schema file with xsi:schemaLocation is bad
      practice and creates portability problems.  We cannot
      prevent users from engaging in bad practices, but we don't
      have to support them.  Including ".0" in file names is not
      mandated by NDR VER12 but is certainly consonant with it.
      Note that this issue is unrelated to our use of XSD
      schemaLocation in UBL schemas.

      AGREED that we will use ".0" in file names (not namespace

      AGREED that in supporting materials, we will deprecate the
      use of xsi:schemaLocation in UBL instances and try to teach
      users how to accomplish entity resolution using XML


   Issue: Location of the extension element

      Discussion: See the penultimate paragraph of


      AGREED that ELD12 changes to: The 'UBL Extension' element
      MUST be declared as the first child of the document element
      with xsd:minOccurs="0".

      AGREED that ELD13 changes to: The 'UBLProfileID' element
      MUST be declared immediately following the 'UBL Extension'
      element with xsd:minOccurs="0".

      AGREED that ELD14 changes to: The 'UBLSubset' element MUST
      be declared immediately following the 'UBLProfileID' element
      with xsd:minOccurs="0".

   Issue: CCTS derivation of the extension element

      Discussion: The extension container is merely a syntactical
      artifact.  It may contain information items with business
      semantics, but it has no business semantics itself.  Since
      the extension element is not itself a business data item, it
      cannot derive from CCTS types.  Similarly, since the
      extension element is not part of our data model, it cannot
      be specified in our spreadsheets.

      AGREED that MDC1 will be changed to read: UBL Libraries and
      Schemas MUST only use ebXML Core Component approved
      ccts:CoreComponentTypes, except in the case of extension,
      where the 'UBL Extension' element is used.

   Issue: Multiple extensions

      AGREED that (modulo syntax) one UBL instance may contain
      multiple extension constructs, each with its own set of

      We discussed GKH's proposed syntax:


      AGREED that we will attempt to meet the schedule proposed in
      this week's Pacific TC call as follows, the objective being
      to submit PRD2 for approval as a Committee Draft next week:

       - GEFEG creates new schemas incorporating the NDR decisions
         noted above but not the extension element

       - GKH and BR discuss the proposed extension syntax (see URL
         above) via email with the objective of creating an
         appropriate schema fragment by Friday

       - The TC is notified that the syntax under discussion will
         be included in the upcoming PRD2

       - The extension schema fragment is incorporated manually
         into the PRD2 schema set delivered by GEFEG

       - Release notes and announcements concerning PRD2 include a
         disclaimer to the effect that the schemas in their
         modified form are not supported by GEFEG


   ACTION: PT to review the ASN.1 appendix the week of 10 July and
   provide any necessary revisions.


   ACTION: NDR Editors to change ELD12, ELD13, and ELD14 to make
   it clear that the element declaration must exist and that the
   declaration will specify that minoccurs is zero.


   ACTION: NDR Editors to modify ELD 12 as agreed.


   ACTION: NDR Editors to review IND5, IND6, and ELD7 and modify
   them to except the UBL extension element.


   Moved here from the Pacific TC call:

      ACTION: NDR editors to look at the syntax of the QDT for
      ChannelCode and tell TM whether this is a legal restriction
      under our NDRs.


   ACTION: JB to get new set of licenses from Altova.

      JB: Have sent the request.

   ACTION: PB to try to finish the resolution list Friday 9 June
   and send to the UBL list.



   Next week's Pacific TC call

      AGREED that GKH will run the Pacific call if TM is unable to

   Next week's Atlantic TC call

      The agenda will include NDR revisions to reflect the
      extension syntax included in PRD2.


      SW: Will DKLSC replace NES?

      AL: No, DKLSC is for Danish translation; NES represents
      several government groups.

Jon Bosak

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