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Subject: Re: [ubl] FW: Latest Spreadsheets

Yay!  Thanks to the good folks at GEFEG Berlin for their efforts.

Now let's review and be ready to move forward at tomorrow's
Atlantic TC meeting.


   Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2006 07:25:28 -0700
   From: Sylvia Webb <swebb@gefeg.com>
   Cc: "'Michael Dill'" <dill@gefeg.com>, "Kruppke, David" <kruppke@gefeg.com>

   Dear All,

   As Berlin is skipped out from any UBL List server we have to send this
   though Sylvia!

   Enclosed commented and uncommented XSD based on the *.zef from Alan as of

   Until now there was handcrafting for the following issues. These are now
   done as follows:

   1. the values ">" and """ and "'" are now expressed as they should be
   (formerly &gt)

   2. Additionally in element values """ and "'" are not expressed any more as
   &quot; and &apos;.
   formerly: <ElementName>&quot;Wayne&apos;s World&quot;</ElementName>
   now: <ElementName>"Wayne's World"</ElementName>

   3. Namespace nameschema as of NDR has been implemented (now " ...-2"
   formerly "...-2.0")

   4. ExtensionElement is now inserted in Maindocs and Namespace of the
   ExtensionSchemas is declared and imported.

   BUT the ExtensionType is different in respect of two elements:

   3. Documentation-Namespace is now correctly declared (now
   urn:un:unece:uncefact:documentation:2 and formerly:

   not yet solved

   we MUST produce "UUIDID" from "Catalogue Reference. UUID. Identifier" wird
   im Schema . reason: no abbreviation mention in the annex of the NDR for
   "Universal Unique Identifier".
   IF there was one THEN it could become
   "Catalogue Reference. Universal Unique Identifier. Identifier" or "Catalogue
   Reference. Universal Unique. Identifier"


   David Kruppke

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