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Subject: PRD3 Schema Review

David Kruppke and Frank Rast need to devote all of their time to making the PRD3 schema correct.  This will be difficult if they must read all of the email sent to the UBL list and make decisions about which issues apply to them.
Would it be possible for you or Alan Leming to: a) review the issues being reported,  b) determine if they are from spreadsheet errors or programming problems, c) consolidate all programming problems into a single email and send it to the UBL list, and d) report to the UBL list the results of any changed decisions?
If there needs to be discussions, then either you or Alan can contact David directly to coordinate a time for those discussions. We need to split tasks between David and Frank and it would help greatly if you could lead the coordination effort.
Please let me know if this will be possible.

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