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Subject: Problem definition or problem choice of element name?

As part of my analysis for my post a few moments 
ago, I enumerated all the uses of cbc:ID found in the spreadsheets:


Editorial consistency is one issue to consider in 
the definitions, given that some say "an 
identifier" while others say "a unique 
identifier", or "a unique instance identifier", 
or "unique number", or just "identifies".

But more importantly, one definition jumped out 
at me as being totally different, and I suspect 
incorrect, but I don't know if it is the 
definition that is incorrect or the choice of element name.

Common Library:

   (882 Signature)  BBIE a reference to identfy the
   section (or line) of the document to which the response applies

This one information item is a reference, while 
every other information item is an identifier.

If the element name is wrong this impacts the 
schema constraints.  If the definition is wrong, it is just documentary.

I think it is just the definition, as the use of 
cbc:ID in cac:Signature appears to be an 
identifier *of the signature* and not of some section or line of any document:

881 Signature Signature. Details
882 ID Signature. Identifier
883 Note Signature. Note. Text
884 ValidationDate Signature. Validation Date. Date
885 ValidationTime Signature. Validation Time. Time
886 ValidatorID Signature. Validator Identifier. Identifier
887 CanonicalizationMethod Signature. Canonicalization Method. Text
888 SignatureMethod Signature. Signature Method. Text
889 SignatoryParty Signature. Signatory_ Party
890 DigitalSignatureAttachment Signature. Digital Signature_ Attachment
891 OriginalDocumentReference Signature. Original_ Document Reference

So I'm guessing this is just a copy/paste issue, but thought it best to check.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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