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Subject: Re: Revival of the SBSC work, and a proposed home for the UBL customization work

Just to clear up any confusion, I am speaking 
here of moving the customization work into the 
Small Business Subcommittee (SBSC):


and not into the Human Interface Subcommittee (HISC):


BUT!  We could use help in HISC, too, since the 
HISC work will be based on the SBSC work.  So 
don't be shy to join up with us HISC 
folks!  We'll be working on specifications for 
the input and output of instances of UBL.

And, to clear up further confusion about HISC, 
the HISC does *not* need stylesheet experience on 
the committee ... we aren't writing stylesheets, 
we are writing specifications so that those who 
want to implement stylesheets or forms can do so 
without having to learn all of UBL.

Please let me know (off list) if you have any 
questions, unless of course you think the 
questions might be of interest to other members.

. . . . . . . Ken

At 2006-11-04 12:46 +0800, I wrote:
>Hello all,
>In preparation for this week's revival of the 
>work of SBSC (Small Business Subcommittee), I 
>wanted to remind members there is a separate 
>mail list and subcommittee home page for this 
>work.  Not all (nor even many) of the messages 
>will be copied to the UBL TC ... I don't like 
>cross posting and will only judge very important 
>cross-committee questions and issues doing so, 
>or just post solely to the TC list (I'll assume 
>everyone on the SC list is a member of the TC list).
>And joining the subcommittee mail list doesn't 
>oblige you to subcommittee voting membership 
>rules ... it is just a way to hear about what we 
>are up to.  Though I do expect you to contribute 
>any comments you wish to the SBSC discussions 
>whether you are a voting member or not.
>As part of the discussion at the plenary, I'd 
>like to review the charter of SBSC and propose 
>to revise it to encompass sample customizations 
>and customization methodologies.  Can anyone 
>think of a replacement expansion of the "SB" 
>abbreviation other than, say "Sample Business 
>Subcommittee" instead of "Small Business 
>Subcommittee"?  Actually, perhaps we have to 
>keep the name as I see it permeates the user 
>interface for the subcommittee.  We may have to 
>just recast the charter document and 
>subcommittee description to say that small 
>business is just one target for customization.
>Because we aren't talking just about small 
>business anymore, and I applaud the Danish 
>comments about there being many customizations 
>and we shouldn't favour one over the other.  I 
>have come around to us promoting a number of 
>customization approaches and best practices, and 
>coming up with publicly-available tools, so that 
>when people tailor UBL to their needs, they remain compatible to UBL.
>And by the end of a plenary, we will have a new 
>SBSC co-chair ... with many thanks to Gruffudd 
>Williams of Accountis for his upcoming contribution and support.
>There isn't yet a home put aside for 
>customization, and I propose that this be 
>it.  On the UBL home page we could describe the 
>SBSC as the subcommittee for customization of 
>UBL for small business and other deployments ... 
>or some such, I'm not very good at 
>wordsmithing.  But we would somehow make it 
>clear that is where to go when you want to deploy a customization of UBL.
>I hope this is acceptable to everyone.  Please 
>comment soon if you don't think this could be 
>the home for discussions related to customization.
>I'll be making some posts later today (I'm 
>finally in Singapore, so my day is starting 
>earlier than usual) or tomorrow to only the SBSC 
>list, so by joining the subcommittee list you'll 
>see the work being proposed and some of the 
>resources being published.  I won't be 
>duplicating the announcements to the main TC list.
>The archive is here:
>   http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl-sbsc/
>The subcommittee home page is here:
>   http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=ubl-sbsc
>Note the "Join This TC" button on the 
>subcommittee home page.  As of this morning, 
>there are only seven people on the list, and I 
>can think of many people on the 134-member-long 
>roster for the UBL TC who would want to hear 
>what is going on for customization, including 
>the resource announcements that I'll be making 
>this weekend, and you aren't on the list.
>Here is the list as it stands to see if you are 
>already one of the few, or to confirm that you 
>have changed your membership to be included:
>   http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/membership.php?wg_abbrev=ubl-sbsc
>Observers and OASIS staff contacts are not 
>listed (but I believe observers do get a copy of 
>all emails).  You do not have to be a voting 
>member of the TC to be a voting member of the 
>subcommittee.  The subcommittee will be taking 
>its work to the TC for the TC to deal with, but 
>by having the work in the subcommittee we won't 
>be distracting the TC with the low-level details we are hashing out.
>. . . . . . . . Ken

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