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Subject: CANCELLED: Atlantic UBL TC call 22 November 2006

Hello UBL TC,

So many of you are traveling or (in the U.S.) out of the office
this week because of Thanksgiving that we got no participants for
this week's Pacific TC call.  Rather than hold a meeting tomorrow
without the people we need in order to finalize our 2007 meeting
schedule, I'm canceling this week's Atlantic TC call and asking
instead for maximum participation in next week's TC calls.

Key agenda items will be:

 - The meeting set for May/June in Ithaca; we need to talk about
   the hotel contract and also the thought raised in Singapore
   that we should be holding a meeting in Europe instead.

 - Templates for UBL 2.0 translations, which I hope to have up on
   the site later today.


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