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Subject: Re: [ubl] Draft IDD 2.0 templates

Hello everybody,

as localization templates have been designed to allow an automatic merge
necessary to achieve the final complete IDD, we have to consider 3 choices
for the Business Process column:

1) I add the column to all templates for all languages.

2) JPLSC adds the column for internal use and I remove it just before the
merge process (not a clean way).

3) JPLSC or others could add the column at the rightmost (latest) column,
this way the merce process could ignore the column, or this column could
be just "hidden" before the merge process.

NOTE: Another important issue I found by checking the JPLSC sample is they
modified the template header (by ading a title and a date).  If this is
necessary we have to do it for all templates and LSCs.

For general info the UBL module title is already available as a file-name
(thus is visible on the title bar of Excel) and also into spreadsheet
properties (under File menu).

I am not sure I will be able to attend the conference call yet, I will try
to organize myself, however I will reply any question where necessary

Best Regards

Roberto Cisternino

> [saito-yukinori@fujielectric.co.jp:]
> | I made the Common library spreadsheet that contains Business Process
> column.
> | I attached the Common library spreadsheet for JPLSC use.
> | I would like to use this spreadsheet for our Japanese translation.
> We need to discuss this during the conference calls next week.
> Among the questions I have:
>  - If this is useful for JPLSC, then why not for all of us?
>  - If this is useful only for JPLSC, what are the implications for
>    making an integrated IDD?
>  - Judging from the example, the only two "business processes" are
>    "Procurement" and "Transportation."
>     - Is this a useful distinction?
>     - What do we do with information items that are used both for
>       procurement and for transportation?
>     - The business process assignments in the spec are much finer
>       grained (Create Catalogue, Ordering, Fulfilment with Receipt
>       Advice, etc.).  Why are we not using those?
> Note that I am not saying that I think the Business Process column
> is not useful.  I just want to be clear on how best to implement this
> idea.
> Jon

Roberto Cisternino

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