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Subject: Proposal for a work item to aggree on a open xml based format to maintian models and customization

Title: Proposal for a work item to aggree on a open xml based format to maintian models and customization

Dear TC

The Danish National IT and telecom agentcy released four weeks ago our customization of UBL 2.0. During the work we gathered of lot of knowledge of how to describe a usage of UBL. We needed attach infomations like recommandations, context dependend definition, legal value range, customized cardinallity and business rules to the original UBL standard. We also needed an archetecture to decribe the default and overwritten values of the business information. From the beginning we saw that producing documentation from spreadsheets would be a hard task that involved a lot of handcraft maintance. Therefore we started a collabroation with Gefeg to see if they could meet our requirement. But unfortunately they could not meet our schedule, mainly because we focused on printed documentation which really is the hardest bit to customize documentation for. The collabroation was however very constructive and Gefeg will be the core tool for the NES implementation.

I have realised that what we have been doing by describing a model and making a customazation out of it is a challange that every Large Scale implementation meets. I therefore see an oppotunity the reuse our expirence in other arrays like envorinment geodata helthcare etc. The problem is just that our agentcy has a requirement for use of open standards. This means that we will not be able to use the ZEF format internally, or only as a interim format.

For being able to produce documentation we produced an XSD schema that represented the model in spreadsheets, made a script to pull information out of the spreadsheets to a XML file and used that as base for producing open document text files. Our problem is now that we have customization represented in a number of spredsheets and that is hard to maintain. I showed our xsd to Tim and during a morning session we made an extended meta model of CCTS to meet our requirements. My idea is to:

1) Make a metamodel for the UBL interpretation of CCTS that contains information to do customization. I don't mind if it also can express other interpretation (e.g. to specify core business entities)

2) Express this model in a xml format that can be used to persist any customization of UBL and meet tool vendors requirement for extension.

3) Find out how whether there exists an existing xml modeling language like XMI that can be customize for our purpose.

I would like to urge the members of the UBL TC and Gefeg to participate in such a work item. I have attached the metamodel, that Tim and I dod.

Kind regards

Peter <<extended metamodel.JPG>>

extended metamodel.JPG

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