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Subject: Re: [ubl] Agenda for Pacific UBL TC call 6|7 August 2007


the same process can be applied to already translated IDD Templates.
The translation will be keeped as is without any risk.

The best way to do it is to update UBL 2.0 worksheets first, than I'll be
able to use the IDD template generator with few changes to accomplish the
fix task.



> [roberto@javest.com:]
> | If UBL 2.0 spreadsheet are updated with these fixes I could
> | regenerate all IDD templates and for those translated I could just
> | update the DictionaryEntryCode column.
> |
> | Let me know if you want I can organize this ASAP.
> This seems like a very sensible way to go for the LSCs that have
> not yet begun translation work.  We'll discuss this further in the
> upcoming Pacific TC call, but I expect that we will be accepting
> your kind offer to update the spreadsheet templates.
> [oriol@invinet.org:]
> | We were thinking on getting the new release of all the IDD
> | Templates before working on another release for the Spanish
> | translation with everything fixed.
> Makes sense to me.
> Jon

Roberto Cisternino

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