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Subject: Re: [ubl] [GC] Additional metadata

UOM are really very long but I expect it is a complete collection of all 
UM available around the world suitable for every business area.
I think CVA (Context Value Association) is a good method to subset this 
codelist for a real usage.

However I think it could be nice to have under certain situations a 
"ready" codelist subset into the support package for 80% usage.   We 
could have an UM subset including just procurement and transport UMs.


About "ContainerSizeTypeCode-2.0.gc" I think we should add the common 
code used to generally identify a set of ISO Size/Type codes. (e.g. OT = 
Open Top)
Here however we should think if it is still necessary to keep "old" ISO 
S/T codings too for backward compatibility:
Old coding:     http://www.smdg.org/jsp/sizetype.jsp
New coding:    http://www.smdg.org/jsp/sizetypeNew.jsp

About "special-purpose" codelist I think we could include two new 
codelist available at SMDG:

- SMDG Master Liner Codes list (xls)   (ver. 200512)
- SMDG Terminal Facilities Codes list (xls)   (ver. 200710)

Best regards

Roberto Cisternino

stephen.green@systml.co.uk ha scritto:
> By the way, I'd regard this (somewhat warily) as a situation which
> could (perhaps a little hypothetically) provide an example of a
> constraint which cannot be expressed with NDR alone (that standing
> action for PSC in the minutes) when UBL provides a workaround for
> this quantity/measure/UOM codelist unsuitability issue. Such a
> workaround might be one which forbids the use of codes 'light year',
> etc, etc in quantities in order, invoice, etc. This would be a job
> for Schematron - comic strip overtones there :-)
> Best regards

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