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Subject: Re: [ubl] Definitions of the Name element

Talking about invoice and type codes, I think there is another issue. 

There is an InvoiceTypeCode BBIE in the Invoice document, but there are also some different invoice type documents (aka Self Invoice or Freight Invoice) so it is difficult to decide whether you should use the InvoiceTypeCode or you should better define a new invoice document type (for instance Rectification Invoice, Proforma Invoice, and so on). 

El 04/02/2008, a las 22:35, stephen.green@systml.co.uk escribió:

Could I just 'chip in' on this. If it is as it seems that the

Name is to be used for the type of document when it comes to

the Waybill, then I would agree with Jon that Name should be

on every document for this purpose since even invoice needs

to state an invoice type and invoice type code is only useful

when there is an agreed set of codes to use to cover all

possibilities. For anything not coded there would be value in

having a Text-based BBIE, in my opinion.

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