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Subject: IDD changes (was: Re: [ubl] UBL 2.0 IDD -- approval of candidatePRD)

G. Ken Holman wrote:

| 1 - there are some inconsistent naming between "prd01" and "prd1"
| in the names of files and directories (makes automation more
| difficult)

Worse, the names don't conform to previous practice as evidenced
in http://docs.oasis-open.org/ubl/.  Directory and document names
now have the form


| 2 - would "prd01" of this UBL 2.0 update be confused with the
| "prd01" of UBL 2.0?

All public review drafts have names beginning "prd".

| Should we have "update" somewhere in the labelling of the files?

I don't think so.  This is the first release of the UBL 2.0 IDD;
it doesn't update anything.

| 3 - ES and IT spreadsheets: cell E1 for version is the function
| =NOW(), which is constantly updated when the file is opened ... I
| think should be hardwired as in Japanese spreadsheets in cell H1
| to reflect a true version date for each spreadsheet ... there are
| even different dates on different JP files showing how each one
| has been kept up with its own version tracking

Dates in ES and IT spreadsheets are now hardwired, using a custom
format for ISO dates (like JP).  I arbitrarily used the date of
the last file in each set (2008-07-21 for IT and 2008-07-28 for

| 4 - the JP spreadsheets have their version number in cell H1 while
| ES and IT spreadsheets have their version number in cell E1 ... I
| can accommodate this, but automation might be easier if
| *everything* was located in the same cells for all spreadsheets

All the ES and IT dates are now in H1 as in the JP spreadsheets.
The JP spreadsheets have also been revised slightly to present all
at 100 percent and normalize the location of the home cell upon


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