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Subject: Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 29 January 2014 01:00UTC



  Tim McGrath (convener)
  Andy Schoka
  Ole Madsen


  Additions to the calendar:

  Review of Atlantic call minutes
     Minutes of Atlantic UBL TC call 8 January 2014 15:00UTC


  Review of Pacific call minutes
     Minutes of Pacific UBL TC call 8 January 2014 01:00UTC


  Membership status review

     - voting status is determined by the following:
       - existing voting members must not miss two consecutive meetings to
         maintain voting status
       - non-voting members must attend two consecutive meetings to obtain
         voting status
     - current voting member list (alphabetical):
       - Oriol Bausa
       - Kenneth Bengtsson
       - Jon Bosak (secretary)
       - Kees Duvekot
       - G. Ken Holman (co-chair)
       - Ole Madsen
       - Tim McGrath (co-chair)
       - Andy Schoka (TSC chair)
     - what can we do to recruit more volunteers to the TC to share
       in the work?

UBL 2.1 Status

Member review of the proposed submission of UBL 2.1 to ISO/IEC JTC 1 has concluded with no negative comments.  OASIS will treat it as approved and go forward.  Next step is to assemble the submission (in a zip file format) as approved as an OS, and the explanatory report (cover letter and proposed terms) based on the TC's submission request;  then add the needed metadata, and transmit the package.  There usually also is a manifest tucked in with these packages.

Normally OASIS show that definitive package to the TC chairs, who act as the representative primary source for the substantive contribution, before it's sent, to have a final check on the inclusiveness of files, etc. 

We expect to receive this in the next week. 

One editorial issue is how and whether we reference the MSP activity in the JTC 1 explanatory report.  Tim has proposed this is referenced as part of the text that deal with adoption and acceptance of UBL in the European marketplace.  Ole noted that he expects the MSP will want to reference the ISO submission in its report.
- Once they receive the OASIS package JTC1 secretariat will start the ballot at their discretion (possibly 1-3 months).
- we expect a ballot period of 5 months.
- balloting will be from all JTC 1 Participating members.
- neither JTC 1 SC 32 or the UBL TC (or any other technical committees) are involved in this process.  it is managed by the OASIS administration and JTC 1 Secretariat.
- if negative votes are received then a JTC 1 SC 32 Ballot Resolution Meeting will be called to deal with these.
- a slide show explaining the purpose of this activity is available at:

UBL TC next steps

   - what promotional issues need to be addressed?
     - UBL 2 is an organic thing that can be grown
     - what do we do for implementation support?
     - should we write a companion document of how to use the specification?
     - industry-specific documentation?
     - make it easier to find what is relevant without changing the actual
     - what about updating the International Data Dictionary?
       - who can we find to help with this?
     - how about another UBL International conference in order to
       promote the release of UBL 2.1?  Can anyone host this conference?
       http://ublconference.com or http://ublconference.org
       - perhaps an event in North America and in Europe in Q1/2'2014
         - maybe Washington DC and Brussels
Tim asked for information about any events in the Brussels over the next 6 months that may attract the audience we feel would be interested in knowing about UBL. 
Tim noted the offer from OASIS of their conference room in Burlington (near Boston) that could be useful for a Face-to-Face meeting.  Andy will investigate relevant events in the area over the next 6 months to see if we can identify a suitable opportunity.
       - perhaps an event in China in Q3/4'2014
Tim noted Mikkel Brun and Tradeshift may support us on this to align with the SC 32 meeting in Chengdu  (June 9-13)
     - how about a Twitter feed of UBL adoption and announcements
     - Multi-stakeholder Platform - European ICT Standardization
       - Danish proposal to have UBL 2.1 recognized as a European Standard
         was discussed at the meeting December 5, 2013
       - a panel is to be established to review the submission
       - this approach should be coordinated with the submission to ISO/IEC JTC1
Tim and Ole noted that the JTC1 submission and MSP review are independent processes and neither should affect progress of the other.  The MSP has targeted the May 2014 MSP meeting for the report from the review team.
   - what subject matter issues need to be addressed?
     - communications with outsourcing warehouses
       - which new process flows need existing or new documents?
       - Kees solicited interest from others, such as perhaps
         members of the TSC since outsourced warehouses are of
         interest to freight and transportation companies
     - more transportation co-ordination issues
     - communications with transportation regulatory organizations
Tim proposed that we keep this list open and flexible until the conclusion of the ISO JTC 1 process and then review our strategy.
   - what technical issues need to be addressed?
     - are any schema changes needed?
     - at the least we need to publish the NDR as soon as possible
Ken will be addressing this on his return.
   - what educational materials need to be made available?
     - how about YouTube videos regarding access to the UBL package?
Tim will canvas stakeholders (such as PEPPOL) to see what they feel is required.


  Our regular UTC times are now shifted due to daylight savings time changes,
  but note that the local time on the clock is unchanged from before:

    Pacific call date/time:  Wednesdays 01:00UTC
    Atlantic call date/time: Wednesdays 15:00UTC

   (Note the Pacific call takes place Tuesday evenings west of the
    Atlantic Ocean)

  Next meetings:

    Suggestions for February:

      2014-02-05  (Feb 5th 2014) - to review JTC 1 submission package.
      2014-02-19  (Feb 19th 2014) - regular call.

  Will anyone be requesting a leave of absence in the near future?  For
  privacy reasons, this discussion will be kept off of the minutes.

  TC calendar:

  TC calendar iCal subscription link:




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