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Subject: Agenda for Pacific UBL TC call 21 October 2015 01:00UTC

Agenda for Pacific UBL TC call 21 October 2015 01:00UTC

Note that this meeting takes place TUESDAY EVENING west of the Atlantic Ocean
and after midnight in Europe.  See the time-and-date link above for details.



  Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is
  recommended. Or call in using your telephone.

  Australia: +61 (0) 2 9037 1944
  Austria: +43 (0) 7 2088 0034
  Belgium: +32 (0) 28 08 9321
  Canada: +1 (647) 977-5956
  Denmark: +45 (0) 69 91 80 05
  Finland: +358 (0) 931 58 1746
  France: +33 (0) 182 880 780
  Germany: +49 (0) 892 2061 159
  Ireland: +353 (0) 15 290 180
  Italy: +39 0 699 26 68 58
  Netherlands: +31 (0) 208 908 267
  New Zealand: +64 (0) 9 442 7358
  Norway: +47 21 54 32 44
  Spain: +34 911 23 0850
  Sweden: +46 (0) 852 500 612
  Switzerland: +41 (0) 435 0006 96
  United Kingdom: +44 (0) 203 535 0611
  United States: +1 (773) 945-1031

  Access Code: 714-594-514
  Meeting ID: 714-594-514
  Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting


  Additions to events calendar: http://ubl.xml.org/events
    - any new events to add at this time?

  Review of Atlantic call minutes

  Review of Pacific call minutes

  Membership status review

    - voting status is determined by the following:
      - existing voting members must not miss two consecutive meetings to
        maintain voting status
      - non-voting members must attend two consecutive meetings to obtain
        voting status
    - committee officers (alphabetical):
      - Jon Bosak (secretary)
      - G. Ken Holman (co-chair)
      - Tim McGrath (co-chair)
    - current voting member list (alphabetical):
      - Oriol Bausa
      - Kenneth Bengtsson
      - Kees Duvekot
      - G. Ken Holman
      - Ole Madsen
      - Tim McGrath
      - Andy Schoka

ISO/IEC FDIS 19845 Universal Business Language Version 2.1 (UBL v2.1)

 - FDIS ballot now completed ... status remains at "50.60 (Close of
   voting. Proof returned by secretariat)" as of 2015-06-24 ... awaiting
   distribution of results:
 - regarding citing the work, any discussion regarding what we discussed
   last meeting using the following for a version specific reference:

    OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) v2.1 (ISO/IEC 19845)

 - the following would be used for a general reference:

    OASIS UBL (ISO/IEC 19845)

 - ACTION: all members please review the brand new list on our (under-used)
   wiki of where to send notifications of UBL 2.1 becoming ISO/IEC 19845
   (sign in with your regular OASIS member credentials):


UBL 2.2

 - in our governance document we posited that UBL would be revised on a
   three-year basis:
 - to meet this, we have to have all of the changes in by January 2016
 - all members are reminded to contact those needing additions to UBL to review
   the governance document and get the discussion started for including any
   changes, as additions submitted in January 2016 likely will not have time to
   be discussed before we have to cut off accepting them
 - a long discussion was held regarding the successful use of the common
   library in custom documents for users with specific non-standard needs
   - the governance document has information for such users and how their
     contributions can be considered by the committee for future use
   - users of the common library are encouraged to review the governance
     document and to consider submitting their suggestions for consideration
     by the committee in a future revision

UBL Naming and Design Rules Version 3.0

 - history:
   - public review ended April 15, 2015
   - formal comments received:
   - Ken has posted a second draft of the disposition document
     (this needs to be updated if we accept the split of the document)
 - current:
   - Ken has prototyped the split of the NDR into two documents, one a
     committee specification and the other a committee note:
   - Tim and Andy are going to review the wording of sections and review
     the structuring of the two documents

JIRA tickets
   https://issues.oasis-open.org/issues/?filter=11670 (note that the view can
   be changed using the box icon at top right; the list view provides the most
   summary information, without the detail view obscuring the screen space)
   - when creating tickets, remember to distinguish the following components
     by how they are described to be used as categories:

UBL TC next steps

  - what promotional issues need to be addressed?
  - do we need a travelling road show along the lines of UBL International?


 Next meetings:

   2015-10-28 Pacific 01:00UTC/21:00EDT, Atlantic 14:00UTC/15:00CET/10:00EDT
   (North American time change - proposed change in Pacific call time in EST)
   2015-11-04 Pacific 01:00UTC/20:00EST, Atlantic 14:00UTC/15:00CET/09:00EST

 Will anyone be requesting a leave of absence in the near future?  For
 privacy reasons, this discussion will be kept off of the minutes.

 TC calendar:

 TC calendar iCal subscription link:

- as comes forward
Fremantle, Western Australia 6160
Phone: +61438352228
Skype: t.mcgrath

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