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Subject: RE: [uddi-comment] UDDI or OASIS ?


www.uddi.org is now part of the OASIS Network. The old site is gone. I don't
think that you'll be able to find any published information on the original
uddi.org project anymore. The new site has taken a lot of the technical
information from the old site, but all of the old information about the
project has been removed.

The original uddi.org was not itself a formal organization. It was a
contractual agreement among 15 companies, known as the UDDI Working Group.
There were three founding companies (Ariba, IBM, and Microsoft) and 12 other
companies (Accenture, Commerce One, Fujitsu, HP, i2, Intel, Oracle, SAP,
Sun, and Verisign). These are the companies that own the copyright on the
specifications. Representatives from these companies wrote the UDDI V2 and
V3 specifications. Input for requirements was solicited from the UDDI
Advisory Group. Advisors also were given the opportunity to review and
comment on the draft specifications before they were published to the world.
Anyone was welcome to join the advisory group.

uddi.org was started in September 2000. It delivered the UDDI V1 draft in
September 2000 (written by the founding members), UDDI V2 draft in June
2001, and UDDI V3 draft in June 2003. When the V3 draft was complete, the
specifications were contributed to OASIS, and the UDDI Working Group
essentially disbanded (although the companies are still bound by the terms
of the original contract). The specifications are now managed by the OASIS
UDDI Specification Technical Committee (UDDI TC). All further work on UDDI
will occur according to the OASIS standardization process. Anyone who is a
member of OASIS can participate in the UDDI TC. All intellectual property
issues are ruled by the OASIS IPR policies.

The UDDI Business Registry (UBR, also known as the "public cloud"), is
managed by a separate contractual agreement among the companies that provide
UBR nodes. This group is known as the UDDI Operators Council. Current
members are IBM, Microsoft, NTT, and SAP. OASIS is not involved in the UBR,
although the new OASIS-sponsored www.uddi.org site does still provides a
link (http://www.uddi.org/register.html) to the UBR nodes. (the page is hard
to find, though).

Best regards,

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Sam [mailto:bytecode@Phreaker.net]
> Sent: Saturday, November 09, 2002 3:39 AM
> To: uddi
> Subject: [uddi-comment] UDDI or OASIS ?
> Hi.
> Are UDDI.org and OASIS two different organizations or the same ?
> Is UDDI.org a working group in OASIS ?
> Where can I find details or the histroy behind UDDI.org (something
> like an About page?) ?
> Thanks
> /s
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