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Subject: Re: [uddi-spec] WSDL TN: Claus's Issues

Sorry that I am a bit late. I'd like to re-iterate my concern:
7) Reduce the complexity in UDDIv2-UDDIv3 migration (that is created by 
the differences in WSDL-UDDIv2 mapping and  WSDL-UDDIv3 mapping).

It'd be great if the WSDL-UDDIv2 mapping is strict subset of the 
WSDL-UDDIv3 mapping, in other words, the WSDL-UDDIv3 mapping is backward 
compatible with WSDL-UDDIv2 mapping.

The WSDL artifacts that have different mappings for UDDIv2 case and 
UDDIv3 cases are:
    The URL of the WSDL doc that contains the wsdl:port
      (instanceParms for v2 vs accessPoint with useType="wsdlDeployemnt" 
for v3)
    The wsdl:port local name
      (instanceParms for v2 vs bindingTemplate/categoryBag for v3)

The concerns are:
1. primarily on the migration from UDDIv2 to UDDIv3, from both the 
perspective of tooling and the perspective of registry data migration;
2. to a lesser extent, ease of understanding / avoiding confusion for 
the community (so that to encourage the adoption).

This issue is orthogonal to the rest of the issues, but it can provide a 
guidance/consideration in decididing the solution for the other issues.

- sam

Anne Thomas Manes wrote:
> Let me add one more issue to the list:
> 6) The requirement to capture the WSDL Entity Type for service and port.
> I'm with John on this. From my perspective, the critical goal of this TN is
> to support the needs of WSDL tools:
> - to automatically register service types and implementations based on WSDL
> - to obtain WSDL for a particular service type or implementation
> Anne
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Von Riegen, Claus [mailto:claus.von.riegen@sap.com]
>>Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2002 8:46 AM
>>To: 'John Colgrave'; uddi-spec
>>Subject: RE: [uddi-spec] WSDL TN: Claus's Issues
>>Excellent idea.
>>I agree to the lists, except that I'm missing an issue in the
>>list of issues that are still open:
>>5) The requirement to identify the wsdl:port from a given
>>uddi:bindingTemplate (i.e. why to register the port's target
>>namespace and local name in UDDI).
>> Claus
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: John Colgrave [mailto:colgrave@hursley.ibm.com]
>>Sent: Dienstag, 19. November 2002 14:24
>>To: uddi-spec
>>Subject: [uddi-spec] WSDL TN: Claus's Issues
>>I would like to reset this discussion as the chain of notes is becoming
>>unwieldy.  I would like to spell out the issues that I think are
>>closed and
>>then list the issues that are still open.  I will then start a separate
>>discussion of each of the open items.
>>The issues that I think are closed are:
>>1) The use of wsdlDeployment in the V3 mapping/model.
>>That list is shorter than I was expecting! :-)
>>The issues that I think are still open are:
>>1) The cardinality of the mapping between wsdl:service and
>>2) The requirement to generate the wsdl:service.
>>3) The use of something like wsdlDeployment in the V2 mapping/model.
>>4) The tagging of the bindingTemplate rather than the binding tModel with
>>details of the protocol and/or transport.
>>Do you agree with these lists?
>>Before going on to respond to each of these open issues
>>separately, I would
>>like to give a little more of my general perspective.  A lot of the
>>discussion has been around the requirements for web service
>>interoperability, no doubt influenced by WS-I.  While I think
>>that WS-I is a
>>very valid and valuable perspective, it is by no means the only one.  I
>>would go further and say that, for WSDL, it is probably not the most
>>important one at the moment.  A different perspective that is at least as
>>important is that of programming languages and application development
>>tools.  Most of the implementations of the current BP are in that context
>>and I would say most of the usage of WSDL in general.
>>John Colgrave
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