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Subject: Details about this year's board ballot quorum issues

This election cycle really is unique, your responsibilities are magnified and the process is more complex.  Here are some points of clarity.

With each annual election we have a board election and the TAB election.  This year quite uniquely, we also have a Board Special Election running concurrently.  Why concurrently, and as some suggested, confusingly? The timing of the Special Election is determined by the bylaws, I have very little flexibility.

Remember - both board ballots have a quorum requirement.  They will close at the scheduled time --if 87 or more ballots are submitted.  If quorum is not achieved at the closing time, I will announce a later deadline (about a week later).  But here is where it gets interesting....
I need to adjudicate the board annual election ballot first, because those winners will be removed from consideration from the Special Election ballot. So, there are four possible scenarios related to quorum worth noting:

1. Both ballots achieve quorum at closing: they are both closed and adjudicated in order - the Annual Election Ballot, then the Special Election.

2. The Annual Election reaches quorum and the Special Election doesn't:  I will close the Annual election and announce the winners and extend the Special Election ~1 week.  If the announced results of the Annual Election cause you to change your vote in the Special Election you can change your vote there until that ballot closes.   

3. The Annual Election doesn't reach quorum, but the Special Election does.  I will extend both because I need to adjudicate the annual election first.

4. Neither ballot achieves quorum at closing: they will both be extended ~1 week.

Having carefully put all this in writing, I should also say that there are many great candidates to choose from.  Check them out and cast your vote.  We have always greatly exceed quorum in the past.  With these stellar candidates offering their service, this year should be no exception!


Scott McGrath

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