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Subject: RE: [ws-rx-implement] Questions on interop doc

We need to figure out how RM is going to compose with Security - while the current spec
says nothing I don't believe this is acceptable for the final version. Or, if it is then I'd like
to have that conversation before the interop so we know its the final outcome.

"Patil, Sanjay" <sanjay.patil@sap.com>

01/28/2006 01:20 PM

Doug Davis/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS, "Marc Goodner" <mgoodner@microsoft.com>
"Paul Fremantle" <paul@wso2.com>, <ws-rx-implement@lists.oasis-open.org>
RE: [ws-rx-implement] Questions on interop doc

Are you referring to a particular issue by "resolution of the STR". I am a bit unclear about this.
-- Sanjay

From: Doug Davis [mailto:dug@us.ibm.com]
Saturday, Jan 28, 2006 5:02 AM
Marc Goodner
Paul Fremantle; ws-rx-implement@lists.oasis-open.org
RE: [ws-rx-implement] Questions on interop doc

I'd be ok with including these issues in the interop as long as they appeared, at least, in a WD.  Although, I'd add the resolution of the STR to the list too.


"Marc Goodner" <mgoodner@microsoft.com>

01/27/2006 05:30 PM

"Paul Fremantle" <paul@wso2.com>
RE: [ws-rx-implement] Questions on interop doc

It seems we should also evaluate other issues that are pending for a WD
like this as well as other issues that are not closed but we may be
close on. A quick look at the issue list and I would pick the following
as potentially having the most impact to the interop scenarios:
- i021
- i078
- i090

Any reason we wouldn't want to go to another CD immediately from a new
WD that at a minimum had i085 applied? That would give a pretty stable
reference point for the interop activities.

Marc Goodner
Technical Diplomat
Microsoft Corporation
Tel: (425) 703-1903
Blog: http://spaces.msn.com/mrgoodner/

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul Fremantle [mailto:paul@wso2.com]
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2006 1:03 PM
To: Marc Goodner
Cc: ws-rx-implement@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [ws-rx-implement] Questions on interop doc


I think i085 is the key issue to include in the interop. If we could get

a WD = CD2+i085 then I think that would be a great basis. I was going to

suggest this on the call. I also know that Dug suggested this on a
previous chat.

I'd be interested to know if there is anyone who would object to that


Marc Goodner wrote:
> I read tea leaves and incorporated the change to Close from i085 in
> the current interop doc. There is no spec that reflects that change
> today, certainly not CD02 that the interop doc points to. So the
> question is what version of the spec should this point to? Should it
> be a CD, like 02, + issues resolved up to N date? If the later then
> should we get a WD at that date, with a new namespace (making an
> exception to the rule in i088) that we could be given to a developer
> to reference? Or should we get to that date and do another extra CD
> from what we have already planned?
> Do we need all the issues closed before we can go forward with this?
> Sanjay indicated he thought we needed more progress on the issues, but

> with under ten already it seems to me that means all them are closed.
> Marc Goodner
> Technical Diplomat
> Microsoft Corporation
> Tel: (425) 703-1903
> Blog: http://spaces.msn.com/members/mrgoodner/


Paul Fremantle
VP/Technology, WSO2 and OASIS WS-RX TC Co-chair


"Oxygenating the Web Service Platform", www.wso2.com

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