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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Document Names

Title: Document Names

Description: Should the “names” of the normative documents remain the same as the submission documents or should they be changed? This issue applies to both WS-ReliableMessaging and WS-RM Policy.

Justification: The “name” of a document effects a number of things such as the document identifier, URIs etc.

Target: core, policy

Type: editorial

Proposal: Preserve the name of the documents as submitted. Changing the names would increase confusion (already at a high level) around “OASIS and RM” and result in extra effort. There does not seem to be any reasons for changing the names forcefull enough to override these concerns. Therefore the names of the normative documents should be “Web Services Reliable Messaging Protocol (WS-ReliableMessaging)” and “Web Services Reliable Messaging Policy Assertion (WS-RM Policy)”

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