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Subject: Re: [ws-rx] An alternative approach to make anon reply-to and syncrm work


Answers inline.

Tom Rutt wrote:
> I assume we are talking about a wsdl resquest/response operation, 
> which is using ws-rm for both the request and response, the offer is 
> used in
> the create sequence from the reqest sender to the request receiver, 
> and the sequence from request sender to request receiver is using the
> anon acks to for the request.
Yes. At least some of the operations involved are two-way. Of course 
some may have alternative MEPs.
> Now it is not stated, but I assume the acks to for the offer sequence 
> must be an asych callback (i.e., not anonymous).
Yes. The acksTo for the offered sequence is a real address (e.g. the 
same address as the server).

> I interpret this case to state that the rmd has to respond to 
> pigybaccked http requests in the same order they are received.  
I'm not sure I understand this sentence.
> Now
> I assume that anon acks to means that the ack header can apear on any 
> http response which has a request carrying that sequence number in a
> sequence or ackrequested header.
Yes I agree.
> Also, I cannot see a useful scenario for sending the ack before 
> sending the response for a given request message.
There is no useful scenario. However, if the client sent a request-two 
before it had got response-1, it may get an ack for request-2 but no ack 
for request-1.
> In face I see a case for having the ack send only after multiple 
> response are sent, on any one of the responses for that sequence.
I think the server should ack whatever messages its RMD has received on 
any response to that sequence. But I don't see the ack behaviour should 
be different to an ordinary sequence.
> I thought the original request sender could send an ack requested 
> without a message body or sequence header, thus there would be no
> message number for the sequence.  Thus the request sender can request 
> acks at any time.
I agree the client can request acks any time.
> Tom Rutt


Paul Fremantle
VP/Technology, WSO2 and OASIS WS-RX TC Co-chair


"Oxygenating the Web Service Platform", www.wso2.com

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