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Subject: RE: [ws-rx] AnonURI and Offer and WS-Addressing

> I'd phrase it slightly differently to differentiate the types of
> protocols (akin to differentiating the types of bindings...)

Clarifications considered a friendly amendment. :)
> The WS-A use of protocol is in that binding of SOAP to what SOAP
> calls an underlying protocol.

That's what the CR versions say, which is what I quoted.  But the editor's 
drafts say more, and I guess the point of contention is whether the 
current text is a mistake or not.  What's your view?  Even if WS-A doesn't 
think it's a mistake, then it's rather presumptive for a middle-level 
protocol to take such a fundamental element all for itself.  Perhaps when 
the wrote "context in which the EPR is used" WS-A really means to "the 
entity responsible for the SOAP Body content"?


SOA Appliance Group
IBM Application Integration Middleware

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