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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue - 162 - Proposal For Vote


Are you asking that the clarification that was in the parenthesis "(ie, not within another nested scope)" be added, to make things clear? 


Danny van der Rijn wrote:
Just going through (parts of) the spec again, and I found that the wording that ended up in the spec for 162 (13.3, 3rd para from the end):

"All scopes and activities directly nested in a scope MUST be uniquely named."

Is not as clear as in the issues list.  (Note that I can't find this text in any email, only in the issues list).

The names of all activities directly nested (ie, not within another nested scope) within a scope will be unique."

May I ask the editors to update the spec with the issues list language?  It seems much clearer to me in a way that isn't obvious otherwise.

Dieter Koenig1 wrote:

Issue 162 - Unique Activity Names for Compensate

Proposal: Add text to section 13.3.3 "Invoking a Compensation Handler" to
clarify that activity names used in a compensate activity must be unique
within the scope.

Rationale: Currently, there is no constraint on activity names, i.e. the
activity name (standard attribute) does not have to be unique. As a result,
a compensate activity may become ambigous:
            compensate "A" <-- don't know which one
        scope name="A" <-- first enclosed scope
        scope name="A" <-- second enclosed scope

Kind Regards

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