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Subject: [wsdm][UPlat] Versioning

Here is my first cut on Versioning:

* Versioning:
  - Definition(s):
    Versions: A sequence of copies of (Functional and Manageability)
    Webservices incorporating new modifications. Each version is 
    identified by a number, following a certain specified format 
    signifying the major version number and the release number.

    Typically an increment in the major version signifies a   
    substantial increase in the function of the Webservice or a
    partial or total re-implementation.

    Whereas the release number increases each time the Webservice 
    is changed in any way and re-released.

    Versioning information must also contain change description
    that describes what has changed in a revision compared to
    the previous one.

  - Management Need(s):
    1. Version numbers are useful so that the manager can know 
       if the manageable Webservice interfaces have changed 
       (bugs have been fixed or new functions added) since she 
       obtained her copy. She could also learn whether a bug 
       report relates to the current version. 
    2. A manager of manageable resources must have the ability to
       query the available endpoints' revisions along with the
       corresponding change descriptions such that the manager
       can discern the most appropriate and compatible interface of
       a particular manageability function that her management 
       client can use.

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