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Subject: RE: [wsdm] Groups - Primer with Heather's updates for Metadataand Extending capabilities (wd-wsdm

  We might begin to address Kirk's point by recasting the first
sentence of the introduction:

"Reading this primer should prepare the reader to understand the
specifications that make up the WSDM standard (Management of Web
Services and Management Using Web Services; abbreviated MOWS and MUWS)
and also some of that standard's supporting specifications (e.g.,
WS-ResourceProperties and WS-BaseNotification)."


Mark Peel
Web Services Infrastructure
Novell, Inc.

>>> "Wilson, Kirk D" <Kirk.Wilson@ca.com> 9/7/2005 9:39:00 am >>>
Heather, Bryan,

Question on some changes in section 1.  I noticed in this version, a
number of occurrences of "WSDM" in the Primer Introduction were
to the more technically correct "MUWS" or "MOWS".  However, for the
reader, the distinction between MUWS and MOWS is not introduced until
section  Doesn't the change assume that the reader is already
going to be familiar with the organization of the specification before
reading the introduction?

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