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Subject: RE: [wsdm] questions about WSDM

Answers to the individual's questions.

1.  WSDM builds on WSRF.  What WSDM adds to WSRF is the notion of *managing* the resources that are exposed via WSRF.  It addresses how resources (WS-Resources) should expose their manageability in terms of a set of capabilities, or ways in which they can be managed, which the WSDM specification defines.

2.  WSDM uses the base WSRF operations to retrieve/update resource properties--notice that the WSDM WSDL imports the WSRF WSDL and references the operations defined in the WSRF WSDL.  WSDM defines only one operation on its own: QueryRelationshipsByType.  Otherwise WSDM defines resource properties and events (associated with the manageability capabilities) above and beyond WSRF.  Notice that WSRF-RP does not define ANY properties on its own: it just tells you how to represent whatever properties the resource has, but gives you the operations for retrieving/updating properties.

3.  Because WSDM is a Web service protocol (defines message exchange patterns that take place through Web service), the producers and consumers of these Web services may be widely distributed throughout an enterprise, throughout a country, etc. 

On behalf of the WSDM team, let me thank you for your interest in WSDM.  I hope these brief answers help.

Kirk Wilson, Ph.D.
Architect, Development
CA Labs / IP&S
603 823-7146

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Subject: [wsdm] questions about WSDM

Hi everyone,

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Subject: questions about WSDM
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   Good evening. I am in China. I'm recently reading WSDM-specification and
have some questions

   1. What's the main difference between WSDM and WSRF?

   2. Since WSRF has already define operations such as getproperty and
setproperty... Does WSDM have its own operations? or on the other hand, it  just
defines a set of properties?

   3. Why do we call "distributed" Management? I have not tell "distributed"
 in the content of WSDM.

   Thank you for your attention. I am expecting your reply.




Karen Cegalis
"Advancing E-Business Standards Since 1993"
(978) 667-5115 x 208

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