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Subject: [wsia] [wsrp] [security] New security TC

See http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/security-jc/ for information on
the new "Security Standards Joint Committee" at OASIS. Here is a copy of
the charter:


   Statement of Purpose: To coordinate the efforts of the OASIS security
   TCs. Initial members of the JC will be the OASIS TCs listed below, but
   other related TCs may be invited to join later.

   List of deliverables with projected dates: None; the purpose of this JC
   is coordination of individual TCs' technical work only, and has no
   anticipated deliverable.

My reading of this is that it is an effort to reuse security standards work
rather than re-invent. The key question is whether either WSIA or WSRP
needs to be represented on the TC.

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