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Subject: Re: [wsia] [wsrp] [security] New security TC

I think that the answer to the key questions is, regrettably, yes.

I volunteer that guy over there->


At 10:15 AM -0400 5/20/02, Rich Thompson wrote:
>See http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/security-jc/ for information on
>the new "Security Standards Joint Committee" at OASIS. Here is a copy of
>the charter:
>    Charter
>    Statement of Purpose: To coordinate the efforts of the OASIS security
>    TCs. Initial members of the JC will be the OASIS TCs listed below, but
>    other related TCs may be invited to join later.
>    List of deliverables with projected dates: None; the purpose of this JC
>    is coordination of individual TCs' technical work only, and has no
>    anticipated deliverable.
>My reading of this is that it is an effort to reuse security standards work
>rather than re-invent. The key question is whether either WSIA or WSRP
>needs to be represented on the TC.
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