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Subject: [wsia][customization] 5/22 call minutes

1. review of charlie's new charts (pp. 11-13)

producer-consumer flow based on xforms/MVC approach
show mapping to base interface being created in embedded subcommittee
correlation of producer & consumer property sets (e.g., SKU/part # mapping
from memory configurator scenario)

a. beginning of lifecycle: instantiation/initialization of producer
focus on model customizations

b. middle of lifecycle: two-phase action invocation
alteration/handshaking around property data (similar to callbacks)
producer performs action, returns updated property set

c: end of lifecycle: producer indicates "final" action result
consumer closes session

how does this model relate to webcollage callbacks?
sync vs. async
data structure indicating finality
predefined action result indicating end?

how does consumer intercept actions on markup it's added (e.g., new
"custom actions": not part of normal interaction, but available for consumer
use as needed
similar to windowing systems bubbling mouse events up/down the window
containment tree

TODO: compare this approach with Webcollage callbacks:
a. tim/ravi to work on initialization/createInstance, passing of constraints
b. charlie to work on property handshaking
c. eilon to investigate finality notification

TODO: charlie to map this protocol onto sample scenarios

2. review of tim's summary of customization scenarios

three "real-world" scenarios:
a. memory configurator
b. health plan enrollment
c. multimedia sports portal

three "abstract" scenarios:
a. model instance customizations
b. model type/validation customizations
c. view customizations

common functional patterns (based around MVC decomposition):
a. data initialization (form filling)
b. interation automation (form submission)
c. data addition
d. static view alteration
e. dynamic view alteration
f. out-of-band communication/metadata
g. event notification

TODO: tim to distribute to main group for feedback


Next call: Wed 5/29 11:00EDT +1-866-330-1200, passcode 4023#

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