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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Spec updated


I agree it is a high priority for members of this TC to review updated 
Requirements and Specifications documents.  However, one weekend (in the 
case of the new Specification) is insufficient time.  I request that we 
postpone discussion of the new Specification for at least one week. 
Since I have not seen an updated Requirements document, I am not sure 
when that discussion should be scheduled.

We should stop using proprietary document formats for our discussions 
immediately.  While Iwasa and Szabolcs (or Tom) have provided PDF 
versions of their documents, neither are useful for future edits and 
neither renders consistently with the Word documents.  I, for one, do 
not have Word on any machine and have had problems using various 
"Word-compatible" editors with various TC documents.  A conversion to 
DocBook (an OASIS Standard), OpenOffice (a submission to an OASIS TC) or 
(failing that) HTML at this time would be very worthwhile.

No, this conversion is not something I can do since I seem to have 
problems rendering the input documents.  I may have better luck once I 
install the StarOffice 6.1 Beta...

Separately, the version of the Requirements document on our web site [1] 
has not been updated since the 13th of June.  Is this document still 

This reminds me: We should avoid using the email archives as a document 
repository.  Iwasa or Tom, please update the Editor's Drafts section of 
our TC Documents page to include non-proprietary version of this 
material.  In the future, I would suggest updating the site rather than 
forwarding large emails to the entire list.  The web copy of the 
specification [2] has not changed since the original submission.

Finally, Iwasa, which issues are addressed through the changes you have 
made to the specification?  Which changes are editorial or otherwise 
unrelated to existing issues?



On 11-Jul-03 07:40, Tom Rutt wrote:
> iwasa wrote:
>> Attached are updated spec, spec with update history, and
>> word doc to manage these updates.
>> I will continue to update for remaining items, but post the current 
>> docs now anyway.
>> Thanks,
>> Iwasa
> We can discuss this on the call on tuesday in the agenda slot for 
> Schedule of the Specification
> progression.
> Thanks a lot Iwasa.
> Everyone should read this and put any comments on the list for discussion.
> The same goes for the requirements document,.
> Tom Rutt
> WSRM Chair
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> You may leave a Technical Committee at any time by visiting 
>> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsrm/members/leave_workgroup.php 

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