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Subject: Re: [wsrm] [Fwd: Re: Our original Reliability spec]

On 11-Jul-03 08:06, Tom Rutt wrote:
> I agree with you.  Thus anyone who uses the URL MUST BE AWARE   of any 
> encumbrances
> attached to it.
> Please read the IPR and license terms before you do anything with the 
> URLs I sent out.
Alternatively, do *nothing* with the information at the provided URLs in 
the context of this TC to avoid violating the charter [1] of this group, 
especially our Standing Rules.  We are here to discuss our 
specification, any formal submissions and not every published reliable 
delivery white paper.

We should strongly encourage the submission of additional technical work 
from all sources to avoid confusion, industry division and overall 
fragmentation of Web services standards.  Additional peer review and 
input throughout the life cycle of this TC specification will also 
improve it technically.

As our charter says [1], "Other contributions in addition to 
WS-Reliability will be accepted for consideration without any prejudice 
or restrictions, and evaluated on their technical merit, as long as the 
contributions conform to this charter."

> Tom Rutt


[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/wsrm/charter.php

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