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Subject: RE: [wsrm] General question abut issue list

The completed status is for issues that the work group had accepted and the editors have incorporated into the relevant document. Issues are marked as closed when the work group reviews the editors work and accepts that the document reflects the agreed upon resolution. An issue can also be closed if there was no action to be taken.

So the issues move through these status states:
1. Unassigned
2. Active
3. Pending - We are near a point of being able to take a vote on the issue
The next stage can branch:
4.a Accepted - The WG has agreed upon a resolution and the editors should update the relevant document
4.b Closed - no action
4.c Deferred - return to the issue later
If the issue was accepted the next state would be Completed, which is an indication that the editors have updated the document.
After that the WG reviews the document and if it is agreed the changes match the issue resolutions the issue is closed.

Marc g

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From: iwasa [mailto:kiwasa@jp.fujitsu.com] 
Sent: DFri, Oct 17, 2003 1:43 AM
To: wsrm-TC
Cc: Goodner, Marc Andrue; Doug Bunting
Subject: [wsrm] General question abut issue list

Marc and Doug,

Let me understand the difference between 
"Closed" and "Completed" for status
in the issue list.

Does "Closed" mean resolution was agreed,
but not updated in the spec or appropriate document,
while "Completed" mean the agreed resolution was
updated in the spec or appropriate document?
This means "Closed" issue is editor's action item.

If this is the case, status of all issues must be
"Completed" at the end of our activity.

Is this what the status mean?

Or is there other meaning between "Closed" and

I found some issues that was updated in the
spec, but the status is "closed". Should I let you
know what closed issue was updated in the spec?



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