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wsrp-interop message

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Subject: Re: Demo page

Oops! The user name is wsrpdemo@yahoo.com   Sorry for the mistake.

Michael Freedman wrote:

> I have built a preliminary demo page.  You may preview it by going to 
> http://portalstandards.oracle.com and logging in as wsrpdemo with a 
> password of interop.  Then navigate to the "My Portlets" tab.  
> Currently the page contains portlets from the Citrix and Oracle 
> producers as I had details concernign each of these.  We will 
> add/replace with others as they come on-line. The only technical issue 
> at the moment that I know of is that BEA's producer still can't 
> register with the Oracle consumer.  I hope to have this looked 
> at/resolved by next week.
>    -Mike-

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