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Subject: Re: [wsrp-interop] Producer is up again

Subbu Allamaraju wrote:
Comments in line.



   1. Faults are being sent in the wrong format, so we are not detecting
      session timeouts, e.g.

That's interesting. We've several Axis test consumers, and Axis does not have any problem.
But I'm telling you the JAX-RPC RI does (as it recognizes faults by the detail element), and it's clear you are generating the detail element in a non-standard format! In the interests of interoperability, it would help if you only had a single detail element. That way we can recognize your faults. I don't feel like hacking JAX-RPC any further!

   2. nativeTaskPortlet, nativeCalendarPortlet, nativeDiscussionPortlet
      have broken relative image links such as
      "/producer/collaboration/nativedb/todo/images/p_high.gif" that
      haven't been output as absolute links or WSRP resource URLs.

As I've mentioned in my original posting, these portlets are fresh from the oven, developed by external parties, and we've already noted these issues. Some of these portlets also don't rewrite Javascript function names and ID attributes.

   3. The 'native' portlets are also using a non-standard way of passing
      navigational state and interaction state. They are tacking on
      extra parameters to the template URL with the namespace prefix on
      them, e.g.
      But unfortunately, our template ends with #{wsrp-fragmentID}, so
      the extra parameters are seen as part of a 'resource locator'. I
      don't think the spec allows you to tack on extra parameters to a
      template. The correct way to pass these parameters is as
      navigational state or interaction state. E.g.

Thanks. This is a bug.

   4. The Redirect portlet redirects me to
      http://portalstandards.oracle.com/index.jsp for some reason
      (although it redirects to http://www.bea.com in our test environment)

That's interesting. What does the pbia response show?

   5. Our portal doesn't have access to the secure resource at

The image exists. What response code do you get when you access this in your browser?
I know it exists but it is currently protected.  I get the "Forbidden" response code.

   6. The upload portlet doesn't do anything with the files I upload to
      it! We're passing it a single upload context with the
      multipart/form-data mime part posted by the browser. It looks like
      this. Admittedly we are sending a lot of extra headers, but the
      important ones are all there.

How about Content-Disposition? The portlet is using Apache commons fileupload packages, and if I remember correctly, it fails to recognize the parts when this header is missing.
There are Content-Disposition headers on each mime part within the multipart message. You  have to parse the multipart message to get them. We have a sample portlet (not available on line) that can handle this request without any problems.

   7. We still need a solution to the #{wsrp-fragmentID} problem!

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David Ward
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Portlet Technologies
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