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Subject: Re: [wsrp-markup] [wsrp][markup] Aug 14 Conf Call Agenda


I have some concerns with a couple of statements you made regarding 
JSR168 (See below). Probably I'm not understanding you completely here.

[A] JSR168 portlets *only* return markup fragments to be aggregated in a 
portal page. Portlets can request a redirection to a another URL 
(containing a document) but they do not return a full document.

[B] JSR168 portlet's render method does not return portlet resources, 
only markup fragments. Would you please explain?




 > [2] I agree to your comments in general and especially that streaming 
 > not work. But from my understanding [1-3] would all be options in 
WSRP and
 > for streaming resources the producer would have to decide between [1] and
 > [3]. I think that [2] is a valid option for compability reasons with the
 > JSR168 that allows portlets to return documents instead of markup.


>     b. Portlet Resource URL
>         i. Do we need another URL type to distinguish between proxy and
> portlet entity resourses.  Such as wsia:urlType=resource and
> wsia:urlType=proxyresource
>         ii.  Is there a new method signature for the interface, such as
> getResource() ?  Or is this embedded in the getMarkup call?
>       <cl> My suggestion would be to embed it in the getMarkup call. This
> would be semantically identical to JSR 168.</cl>


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