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Subject: Re: [wsrp-wsia] [I#157] Should non-markup calls receive user profile?

The consensus on the 11/21 TC call was to resolve this by adding the
proposed verbiage when the [optional] profile field is being described.
This verbiage is in v0.85.

                      Gil Tayar                                                                                    
                      <Gil.Tayar@webcol        To:       wsrp-wsia@lists.oasis-open.org                            
                      lage.com>                cc:                                                                 
                                               Subject:  [wsrp-wsia] [I#157] Should non-markup calls receive user  
                      11/24/2002 06:48          profile?                                                           

Issue: 157
Status: Active
Topic: interface
Class: Minor_Technical
Raised by: Michael Freedman
Title: Should non-markup calls receive user profile?
Date Added: 24-Nov-2002
Document Section:
Currently, the user profile is sent as part of the user context. The user
context is sent not only to the markup calls [getMarkup + the interaction
calls] but also the calls in the entity factor and getServiceDescription.
Must the consumer supply the user profile details on these calls?  Its
seems questionable whether there is any value to the producer to receive
the user profile outside of getmarkup/performinteraction.  Also though we
allow an entity to say it stores user profile information in its session,
the session is only passed to/between the markup calls -- so if we require
these other calls have access to the user profile then the information will
always have to be attained and sent as the entity can't get back to it

Gil Tayar

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