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Subject: Re: [wsrp] Issue #29: Is metadata needed to indicate support forgetResource?

As I said in the conference call today, its to allow a 1.0 consumer to upgrade to 2.0 easily so they can run 2.0 producers that don't have a 1.0 port.  As it stands, this seems to be the only none optional nwe feature being added.  I might prefer leaving it out of 2.0 all together vs. making it turnkey for 1.0 consumer to get up and running on 2.0.

Rich Thompson wrote:

Is metadata required to say the caller is a v1 Consumer? I would expect a Producer which supports both v1 and v2 to know this is a v1 Consumer because the invocation came on the binding to the v1 portType.

Another possible reason for Consumer metadata would be if a v2 Consumer had the option of not supporting urls causing getResource to be invoked. We have in general steered away from such things in order to keep complexity down for the Producer and I would rather we require v2 Consumers provide this support than require v2 Producers to adapt.


Michael Freedman <Michael.Freedman@oracle.com>

12/21/2004 12:54 PM


Re: [wsrp] Issue #29: Is metadata needed to indicate support for getResource?

And vice-versa:  so a producer can adapt to run in a 1.0 consumer.

Rich Thompson wrote:

Issue #
Spec section:
Isn’t metadata needed to tell a Consumer whether or not a Producer supports getResource (or is it always supported if urls encode for it and Consumers never invoke it unless a url has encoded wsrp-useOperation=true)?

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