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Subject: Re: [wss] Next F2F planning - possible date conflict


I think the TC agreed to the following:

> - [MOTION restated] TC will hold a first sanctioned interop event and
>   F2F in mid June
> - Chris: wants to comment that it is not to our mutual advantage to
>   have unsanctioned testing
> - [ ... more discussion ... ]
> - call to question
> - [VOTE] 14 yes, 10 no, 13 abstain, therefore motion passes

At various times during the discussion, both before and after the vote, 
we seem to have been replacing the
phrase "mid-June" with the 2nd or 3rd week of June. As noted, JavaOne 
conflicts with the 2nd week.

Given the circumstances, I  think it would be reasonable to include 
choices in the straw poll
for all the weeks of June. This would be a somewhat liberal 
interpretation of "mid-june", but it would
seem to afford the best opportunity to find out the TC's preferences 
within the established parameters.


Kelvin Lawrence wrote:

> Dear TC members, while working this evening on setting up the ballot 
> for the F2F week choices, I double checked the web for any major 
> conflicts during that time as an FYI exercise for myself and I noticed 
> that the JavaOne conference according to [1] is in fact during the 
> second week of June (from June 10th - 13th) not the first week of 
> June. During the call today, the first week of June was discounted as 
> a possible week for our F2F meeting, I believe largely because it was 
> stated that that was the week of JavaOne. So, in our vote, we approved 
> a motion to pick from either the second or third week of June for our 
> interop event. However, given that JavaOne actually starts on June 
> 10th, if we were to pick the second week of June then we would in fact 
> be right on top of the JavaOne conference. I am not quite sure what to 
> do here but I have a suggestion I would like folks to consider:
> Chris and I have the todo to setup the ballot for picking between the 
> second and third weeks of June, but I feel that the choices offered in 
> the vote were at least to some extent based on the assumption that 
> JavaOne was during the first week of June. Given this fact, unless 
> there are strong objections, I would like to also include the first 
> week of June in the ballot - I am not proposing to remove the second 
> and third weeks as choices but merely to include the first week for 
> consideration given the actual dates of JavaOne.
> I am completely open to ideas here, but I would like us to be offering 
> two choices that are equally viable in terms of avoiding a major 
> conflict for our members. What do people think we should do ? Do 
> people agree that adding the first week of June is a reasonable 
> compromise ?
> [1] http://servlet.java.sun.com/javaone/sf2003/home/index.en.jsp
> Cheers
> Kelvin

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