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Subject: Next F2F planning - possible date conflict

Dear TC members, while working this evening on setting up the ballot for the F2F week choices, I double checked the web for any major conflicts during that time as an FYI exercise for myself and I noticed that the JavaOne conference according to [1] is in fact during the second week of June (from June 10th - 13th) not the first week of June. During the call today, the first week of June was discounted as a possible week for our F2F meeting, I believe largely because it was stated that that was the week of JavaOne. So, in our vote, we approved a motion to pick from either the second or third week of June for our interop event. However, given that JavaOne actually starts on June 10th, if we were to pick the second week of June then we would in fact be right on top of the JavaOne conference. I am not quite sure what to do here but I have a suggestion I would like folks to consider:

Chris and I have the todo to setup the ballot for picking between the second and third weeks of June, but I feel that the choices offered in the vote were at least to some extent based on the assumption that JavaOne was during the first week of June. Given this fact, unless there are strong objections, I would like to also include the first week of June in the ballot - I am not proposing to remove the second and third weeks as choices but merely to include the first week for consideration given the actual dates of JavaOne.

I am completely open to ideas here, but I would like us to be offering two choices that are equally viable in terms of avoiding a major conflict for our members. What do people think we should do ? Do people agree that adding the first week of June is a reasonable compromise ?

[1] http://servlet.java.sun.com/javaone/sf2003/home/index.en.jsp


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